Which Wines Pair Best With A Home Remodel

Ah, good old home renovations.  If you’ve been through it before (and if not, we’re sure you will at some point) it can be stressful, daunting, and feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Rest assured, Designer Extraordinaire Cristie from Fresh and In Check and Veggies and Vino have partnered up to help you get through it with what else but…wine!  Carley recently went through a home reno, which took about 10 months. The work that was done is outstanding, however there were many nights drinking wine from a plastic cup in the one clean corner of the house, which helped her and her husband get through it.

It’s only fair we provide support to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation, or about to go through it.

Oh, and we made sure that all of our wine suggestions retail under $20 since let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees and you may be empty pockets at this point in your reno.

Kitchen remodel

Timing: Can take up to 1-2 months

Helpful tips from Cristie on this renovation: Renovating kitchens can be scary, but oh so exciting! You want to get everything just right the first time because let’s face it, this will be the most expensive renovation in your home. Pay attention to small details like the size of your refrigerator compared to the size of your refrigerator panel. It’s the little details in a kitchen that you will notice every time you walk in the room, so make sure you get them right the first time.

What to pair it with: Cabernet Sauvignon such as Alamos. Allow yourself to escape the madness of what’s going on in the kitchen and venture to a different country, as this wine delivers a deep, rich and dark authenticity that those special Argentinian wines have to offer.

Cristie’s beautiful renovation of the “Tiny Tudor” kitchen


Timing: Can take up to 1 month

Helpful tips from Cristie on this renovation: Paint goes a long way! Lighter and brighter colors in your bedroom will make it feel more spacious and relaxing after a long day. All white walls is a big trend right now and I am totally jumping on that bandwagon! To refrain from feeling like you are in a hospital, be sure to add pops of color through decor and accessories and bring in warmth through wood tones.

What to pair it with: Sauvignon Blanc such as Oyster Bay.  This wine will take you over to New Zealand with its passion fruit, bright citrus, and gooseberry characteristics. The zesty finish is perfect inspiration for designing that bright bedroom you’ve always dreamed of.


Timing: Can take up to 1-2 months

Helpful tips from Cristie on this renovation: Choosing grout colors is key. You don’t want to regret picking a lighter color a couple months down the road because it WILL get dirty quickly. I suggest medium to darker colors for grout in a bathroom. Regrouting= No Fun.

What to pair it with: We get it, wine and the bathroom sound sort of weird together but think about what you’d like to sip on in your brand new beautiful tub.  For us, it’s a Zinfandel, preferably from California.  Our Vines Old Zinfandel will provide welcoming aromas of blackberries and dried figs to your bathroom.

Carley’s before and after master bathroom = lots of wine involved through the process!

Outside work

Timing: Can take up to 1-3 months (depending on the size of your project)

Helpful tips from Cristie on this renovation: You don’t need a crazy budget to improve your outdoor space. New plants, a power washer, and some stain can go a long way! Don’t break the bank if you don’t need to!

What to pair it with: We’re going with a Pinot Gris for this one.  Pinot Gris is popping up more and more these days as it’s crisp and bright fruit flavors are perfect to sip on outside.  A selection such as J Vineyards Pinot Gris California would provide some relaxation when watching the work unfold. This is also hopefully the last step in your process.

If you’re doing the actual demo’ing, sip on a little bubbly, like Cantine Maschio.  The perkiness of the fruit forward flavors of peach and nut will keep you going through knocking down those walls.

Good luck and feel free to reach out to Cristie and Carley for more home remodel/wine inspiration!

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