Stemmed vs. Stemless Wine Glasses

Have you often wondered the difference to the taste of wine when using a stemmed glass to a stemless glass?  Does it really affect the taste, quality or overall enjoyment of wine? Should you invest in stemmed or stemless wine glasses for your home?

We cannot answer these questions for you, however we can suggest the differences between stemmed and stemless wine glasses and let you decide which glass you prefer.

This table explores the differences between stemmed and stemless wine glasses. We remain impartial to both.  

Stemmed Stemless
Pros ~Dainty and delicate
~Looks elegant
~Good for formal occasions
~Keeps the wine cool
~It’s easy to swirl your wine, encouraging it to breathe
~Many different designs are available
~Price range differs with brand
~The stem avoids fingerprints on the glass
~Easy to store
~Comfortable and easy grip
~Perfect for the dishwasher
~Less prone to fall when placed on the edges of tables and counters
~Red wine is heated nicely by your hand
~Perfect for large gatherings or parties (stemmed glasses are more likely to get knocked over)
~Good for using outdoors
~Sometimes less expensive than stemmed
Cons ~Prone to breaking at the stem
~Most are hand wash only
~Not as sturdy as stemless glasses
~White wine is (mostly) best served chilled (your hand may heat it up)
~You have to be careful when swirling wine in a stemless (often tricky when holding it by the bowl)
~Easily leaves finger marks

It all comes down to personal preference to which glass you prefer and enjoy serving wine or other drinks in. You may choose one type of glass over the other due to the occasion.  For example whether it is a formal or informal event.

If you feel passionate about one glass over the other, please let us know in the comments section here. We’d love to hear your views!

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