Spinach vs. Kale- Which is better?

The good news is, both are extremely important foods.  Lets break it down.

Health: These green veggies can both be eaten raw, cooked or juiced. They have all the essential vitamins (A, B, C, K, Folate, Calcium) plus Fiber and Iron.  Both amounts are negligible in protein, at about a gram per serving. We need these to keep our skin glowing, immune system strong, and maintain healthy bones.  They’ve also got similar amounts of calories (no more than 50 for a cup and a half serving)

Cost: The idea of healthy eating does not have to be stressful if you can’t afford it.  Price is obviously a big consideration when you hit the produce aisle. You’re looking at Spinach right around $3.00 and Kale, no less than $2.20.   That should last you up to 3-5 days if you are taking full advantage at dinner time.

Eat: We like to use Kale for juices or chips (they’re a million times tastier than potato) and Spinach for everyday salads.

Once again, we really don’t have a favorite.  Which leafy green you choose depends on several things, including what you are in the mood for. Regardless, leafy greens are an amazing addition to any diet — whether you choose kale or spinach.

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