Social Media Management Tips From A Food and Wine Industry Pro

If you’re working on growing your blog, business, or even personal brand, you might be wondering what your daily schedule should look like. Should you be spending all day posting on Facebook and Instagram? How much time will you need to dedicate to analytics and reporting to measure your success?

Recently I had the chance to connect with Katie Melchior, Social Media and Content expert. She’s provided us with some great tips (as always, nothing too complex here!) on how to grow a following and build your brand through social media, specifically for us in the food/drink/lifestyle niche.

Which social media channels do you recommend for people to build their business (specifically Food/Drink/Lifestyle) and why?

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. Facebook might be the king of social media by number of users, but in terms of building a brand and telling a story, Instagram is everything. It’s also the main hub for microinfluencers and Like2Buy, two important drivers of the present and future of digital marketing.

What goals should we set for of our social media accounts, and what does success look like?

It really depends on your business strategy and industry. The most important KPIs for my clients are usually 1) engagement and 2) growth. One without the other doesn’t achieve much. Growth without engagement means you aren’t building an impactful brand story and that it’s difficult for people to relate to your brand. Engagement is always great, but without growth you won’t be able to reach new consumers to sell your product or educate consumers about your wine region, for example.

Katie Melchior has proven results growing brands both national and international, by developing strategic content creation that increases engagement and propels her business partners forward. 

Which social media tools do you use?  Which are your favorites? 

I use SproutSocial for scheduling, reporting, and community management. It’s a no-fuss tool and it has every functionality I need. And if you’re marketing on Instagram, you must download Hashtagger! It pulls the most relevant hashtags to the subject of your post (i.e. #roséwine) at the exact time you post so that you get the highest engagement possible.

How would we deal with negative comments or a brand reputation crisis?

Negative comments happen now and again and are a reality for anyone on the internet – personally or professionally. I often find that direct messaging a displeased consumer and having an open and honest conversation about the issue yields the most positive results. People just want to be heard sometimes.

How should we check and stay on top of the latest updates, innovations, and new platforms in social media?

Reading! I edited the subjects of my Google app on my phone so that they’re directly related to my work – wine, Instagram, digital marketing, food trends – and I read the top five articles every morning on my commute. But I’m also no stranger to talking to other professionals in the space, whether influencers, colleagues, or informational interviews with professionals I look up to.

Katie Melchior is a Social Media and Content Manager with Sopexa, a global food and beverage marking agency. Based in New York, she manages social media accounts for major wine trade associations, fresh and organic produce companies as well as specialty food products, among others. Follow her adventures in food and wine on Instagram at @hazelladykatie.


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