Our Top 10 Wines To Finish Out 2018 With

This holiday season, treat yourself to the wine you love. Here’s my top wine picks (white, red, and pink!) to ring in the holidays and the New Year.  So finish out the year strong with these tasty wines that won’t destroy your bank account.

1.) Pinot Noir

  • The Pinot Project
  • 2015
  • Price point: $12-$15
  • Why we like it: Light and refreshing.
  • When to have it: Winter nights.
  • With what: Sushi or veggie pasta.

2.) Pinot Grigio

  • Santa Silvana
  • 2015
  • Price point: $13-$15
  • Why we like it: Crisp and mildly sweet.
  • When to have it: Summer nights.
  • With what: Sausage (or veggie sausage) and peppers.

3.) Cabernet

  • Josh
  • 2013
  • Price point: $17-$20
  • Why we like it: Mild heavy and flavors of chocolate. 
  • When to have it: A cool night.
  • With what: We enjoy having it with any Mediterranean dish. It’s best to have this on a Sunday night…open the bottle in the afternoon so it has time to breathe.

4.) Sauvignon blanc

  • Mussel Bay
  • 2015
  • Price point: $11-$14
  • Why we like it: Mildly sweet and not too grapefruit or grape-like.  That’s one thing we don’t like about Sauv-b’s. Too much of a grape taste.
  • When to have it: Any time of the day or night. Seriously, this is our favorite wine to relax with and it will bring joys to your life as well.
  • With what: Any type of veggie dish.

5.) Red Blend

  • Phantom by Bogel
  • 2013
  • Price point: $17-$20
  • Why we like it: Heavy and bold.
  • When to have it: A cold winter’s night, particularly around holiday time and unwind with it by the fireplace.
  • With what: Spicy Mexican food.   

6.) Champagne

  • Veuve Clicquot Brut
  • Price Point: $38.99-$45 **Ok, this is a splurge but it’s the only one that made our list
  • Why we like it: More Prosecco-like than Champagne. This is a classy bottle.
  • When to have it: If you really want to impress your co-workers, bring it in when celebrating an office event. Or use as a gift.
  • With what: It’s best to have this pre-wine/dinner.

7.) Prosecco

  • La Marca
  • Price point: $13-16
  • Why we like it: Very light and easy going.  
  • When to have it: Pre-dinner as a happy hour drink so stick to weekends.
  • With what: It’s great with cheese (brie and gouda). 

8.) Chardonnay

  • Simi
  • 2014
  • Price point: $18-$40
  • Why we like it: Buttery and deep flavors.  Not too oaky.  
  • When to have it: Any night of the week during the summer.
  • With what: Fish tacos. 

9.) Merlot

  • Robert Mondavi
  • 2014
  • Price point: $23-$25
  • Why we like it: Hints of chocolate.  
  • When to have it: Weekend night while out to dinner.
  • With what: Cuban food (rice, beans, and plantains). 

10.) Rose

  • Les Portes de Bordeaux
  • 2014
  • Price point: $7-$9
  • Why we like it: Summer water in a bottle.  Really nice and dry. 
  • When to have it: Weeknight in the spring or summer.
  • With what: Cheese or a seasonal summer salad. 

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