How To Pair Your Fall Wines With Cheese

Does wine and cheese make the perfect pair or what?  This is one magical couple that no one can object to.

Though I’ve been missing both lately, I’ll be back in full swing and ready to show up to fall football and Holiday parties with some winning wine and cheese combinations.

Apparently, when choosing the “perfect pair” there are a number of considerations, such as texture, acidity, fat and tannins. This feels very overwhelming to me right now.  Especially since I’ll have baby in tow by then and most likely won’t have time to spend hours roaming through the wine and cheese sections at Kings (I did cherish those days though :).

So I’ve asked the ladies from I Love Wine and Cheese a few questions to help guide us all through the best and easiest ways to mix and match two of life’s greatest culinary pleasures.

Cheese and red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic pairing. What kind of cheese is best with this wine?

We find that cheddars go best with most wines, especially full bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon.

In prep for upcoming Holiday parties, is there a general rule of thumb for picking a wine and cheese to bring with me so I look like I know what I’m doing? 

An Oaked Chardonnay (Southbrook) and full bodied reds (Malivoire) are perfect during this time time of year! The oakiness of Chardonnay, just like the red gives you that warm and cozy fall feeling. Its of course always nice to prepare a full cheeseboard with a few different pairing options with your fall wines. You can never go wrong with a few classics: a firm cheddar, delicate brie, and a sharp blue. If you’d like to be extra fancy, add some honey for sweetness and nuts for extra flavor. 

What cheese would you recommend with a dessert wine? 

It totally depends on the type of dessert wine that you are serving. However, a rule of thumb is that sweet and salty are the perfect pair. A pungent, salty blue is always a safe bet with a sweet dessert wine.

Which wine and cheese pairings should I steer away from if any?

Really, this is all about personal preference. A good note to keep in mind is to stay away from spicy or bitter cheeses with very acidic wines (i.e. jalapeño cheddar with Sauvignon Blanc).

What is your favorite wine and cheese pairing at the moment?

We love Brie Cheese. At the moment our favorite pairing (especially for this time of year) is a creamy brie and Rosehall Run’s Hungry point 2017 Pinot Noir.

Yum!  Great advice from Mary and Chay, right? You can also feel free to drop them a line on Instagram at @ilovewineandcheese

Happy Fall!

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