Go Organic with Natura Wines

Organic wines are on my radar these days.  Since lately I’ve come across some scary facts about additives in wine.

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but knowing that there may be bone marrow and/or fish bladder in our wine..

Flavoring and coloring additives are included to make the drink match up with what consumers want, however we can expect this practice mostly in big mass-market wine companies.  Not so much in medium to high end wines that are so dear to our hearts.

Thankfully, there are also companies like Natura (who have partnered with Emiliana vineyards) that are producing organic wines inspired by respect for the environment.  From the beginning of it’s inception, Natura has been dedicated to producing premier Chilean natural wines, searching for the finest wine valleys, in order to determine the best places to grow each varietal. Natura comes from organically farmed, estate vineyards in some of the most renowned winegrowing valleys of Chile.  

The Natura collection features nine varietals, three whites and six reds, all produced from hand-picked, organic grapes, harvested from certified organic vineyards.

They were kind enough to send us 2 different vegan wines to try.

2017 Un-Oaked Chardonnay

Rich, sunny light yellow color, with reviving citrus aromas of orange and lime, combined with tropical fruit aromas, (especially pineapple!) and a bit of herbs. This is a balanced, fresh and fruity wine, with smooth texture and an enjoyable finish.

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

Crimson red in color, with smells of strawberries, blackberries, and a bit of chocolate on the nose. The fresh and juicy palate has good structure and sweet tannins leading to a smooth and persistent finish.  

If you saw my latest blog post, you know I am not drinking these days, however I cannot wait to open up these bottles and have a glass/share the experience with you all.  T – minus less than 90 days in counting. Until then these will stay tucked away in a cozy spot!




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