After doing a ton of soul searching about what she is passionate about, Carley Lagemann found herself confessing her true love(s) of vegetables and wine to the world.  While doing research to learn more about these passions such as “great wine and vegetable pairings” and “what are the best wines to bring to a party,” she discovered there wasn’t much out there that wasn’t too pretentious and stuffy to even digest (no pun). Hence Veggies and Vino was born to be the forum for offering healthy eating and drinking tips from the “normal girl.”

This blog is dedicated to curiosity, exploration, and maintaining a non judgment zone. As a native New Jersey girl who longs to learn and share about wine and delicious healthy food, Carley is taking the world by storm one vegetable and wine flight at a time.

Thank you for helping pave the way on this journey!

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