A Wine Book to Revel in this Summer

Hi all! I’ve been AWOL, but I hope you understand that as a new blogger, I’ve been asking myself some questions – well Question, really. And that question that I always come back to is, “what should I write about?”

I might as well write about the things that I’ve wondered myself over the years. One question that predominates is whether it’s possible to enjoy wine while staying healthy? Every 10-years, some new piece of evidence circulates, adding to the chorus of “yays” and “nays.” Wine is healthy and good for the heart or that wine is 100% vice and must be avoided.

Although I’m learning as I go, I give credence to experience and listening to my body. As well, I appreciate drawing from the immense knowledgebase of other bloggers in this niche for inspiration.

About a week ago, I came across a reference on Chel Loves Wine to The Unfiltered Guide to Working in Wine by Hillary Zio. I immediately recognized the name since they had commented on one of my Instagram posts earlier that week. As an Insta-newbie, any comments or accolades from people who aren’t immediate family or friends is oh-so-exciting. Let alone a certified sommelier with an advanced certification in wines and spirits that has over a decade of experience in the wine industry – hello? Perhaps the answer to my ongoing question of whether enjoying wine can harmonize with treating my body as a temple could be explored further. Surprisingly, it went even beyond that and tapped unchartered territory with wine.

So here I go off to Barnes & Noble (yes people still buy hard copies in stores). Hillary is a woman in my age demo with experience in wine to boot. From the start of the book, it looked like its main theme was sharing tips on how you can make a career out of – well, you guessed it – wine! Interesting, my ears were open. Beyond open, I was absolutely enthralled – so enthralled, in fact, that I read the book in a single day!

To recall that old Latin phrase, in vino veritas – “in wine, truth.” You could say in this book of wine – there’s truth. All in all, I enjoyed the read and recommend you check it out. There’s much to take away from the book, here are my main three:

1.) Helpful with a capital “H.” Though specific to the wine industry, the main objective of the book is to help people find their career path involving wine. Numerous jobs are explained in detail. As someone who is still finding their voice, this resonated with me. I’ve now been educated on how many opportunities are out there in this industry.

2.) 112 pages. Short and sweet. I flew right through it. I have the shortest of attention spans, even while not under the influence. I don’t know about you, but it can be difficult to get through a fact-based book when you can be doing so many other things. In this case, I savored curling up on the couch, nursing my glass of wine and enjoying the read.

3.) It was NOT pretentious. It’s nice to see that certified sommeliers are in fact, regular people just like us! Wine can be intimidating I was expecting to get that feeling when reading it. However, at no point in the book did I feel talked-down to. One of the most memorable stories in the book is when Hillary retells when she was taking her level 2 exam. She was at the court, the stakes were high, and her nerves were shot. While balancing a tray full of delicate champagne flutes in front of a cast of “characters” you’d expect at such a sommelier function, Hillary ended up tripping over her backpack, tumbling with the crash of the chandelier of champagne flutes. Including this story in her book came across as down-to-earth and humbling.

Now, I may not register to join the court of sommeliers anytime soon, but reading this book has encouraged me to stop overthinking what I feel like writing about and just enjoy this wine journey.

I highly recommend reading it if you are looking to make a career in the wine industry. Heck, even if you are interested in starting a new adventure such as a blog like me or are an overall lover of wine and want to learn more about it, this book is worth your time.

Cheers and to your health!

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