5 Reasons To Walk To Your Next Meal

Who doesn’t love a nice stroll over to brunch with friends or a romantic walk with your partner.  Which is exactly what we did last night after a very long week of work conferences. It was therapeutic to say the least. Here are our top reasons for walking to your next destination instead of driving.

1.) Cardio: Every. Step. Counts. If you live far away from your destination consider having an uber drop you within walking distance.

2.) Wine of choice: For those of us lucky enough to live in an area with fabulous BYOB’s, make the local wine shop your first pit stop. Pick up one of your favorite wines (check out our suggestions here). It will most likely be a quarter of the cost that you would pay at a restaurant.

3.) More conversation: Whether you’re walking over with your friends or partner, live up every minute you have together aside from your busy schedules.

4.) Fresh air: This always puts us in a better mood. Whether it’s cold, hot, or just perfect weather outside. One of our favorite times this year has been walking to a nice meal downtown after a snowstorm. The air was crisp and it was magical.

5.) Save money on gas: We don’t know about you but we’re over fueling our gas guzzlers. Every. Mile. Counts.

Happy walking and wine-ing!

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