3 Spooky Wines To Enjoy This Halloween

Greetings wine goblins!

I recently returned from a quest to find the scariest themed wines for an upcoming Halloween party.  After having a blast shopping around, I picked out these very affordable and spooky wines.  

Peterson Zinfandel 2013, Old School, Dry Creek Valley

Blended primarily from vineyards in the Northern Dry Creek Valley, Old School has a style that is full of flavor and character but not over the top. It’s definitely the type of Zin you can either open on a weeknight or take to a party without hesitation. Berry, plum, spices and oak—fill the senses and lead into this easy-sipping wine.  It’s crisp for a zin and the oak is barely detectable. The winemaker creates a new image and accompanying story to entertain and amuse each year, starting on the front and finishing on the back label.  You must read the full story in the pictures below to find out why the Cowboy wasn’t afraid of Satan that day in Church. Retails at $18.99.

2014 Vinaceous Voodoo Moon Malbec

This Australian Malbec is matured in 100% French oak barrels for 12-15 months before final blending is completed. The resulting wine is dark, deep purple in color.  It tastes rich, layered and textured.  It’s smoky up front then finishes with cherries and a vanilla fade.  Honestly, I had to get it because the label reminded me of “Scary Spice!” Here come the floodgate of memories of dressing up like the Spice Girls. Retails for $15.95.

Shinas Estate The Verdict 2014

Another Australian wine, this one a Cabernet Sauvignon. Nice deep, dark cherry color and a strong inviting aroma.  Sweet beginning, spicy body and dry sweetness ending.  The story with the Verdict…Grapes are sourced from a “partner in crime”.  A stone’s throw from the state minimal production from this single vineyard means only a lucky few will ever know the real verdict. We want to know, we want to know!  But unfortunately that’s all she wrote.  Waahahaha.  Retails for $16.95.

I hope this helps for when you’re picking out a new bottle this week.  I got these from Wine Library in NJ, but if its not these, change it up and have some fun choosing a new wine label. 

Trick or treat wine livers! a-hem…wine lovers!


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